Kelly Marston
What time was our meeting scheduled for?20m
Alejandro Badajoz
Nah, I have a meeting that starts in 5.24m
Work Group
This is getting funnier and funnier. You gotta love dat team 🥰31m
Alice Carasca
I like the curves in this one.47m
Irina Vierbovsky
I need some help on something Iam working on.56m
Mary Lebowski
Still down for that movie?1h
Esteban Castellanos
I can send you the files.1h
Melany Wallace
I has some issues with the headers tough.2h
Jimmy Hector
When are you available?3h
Greta Kroppfer
Thank you for you clean presentation, it was stunning.3h
Tara Svenson
Hope you like them.9h

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